Good Karma Artisan Ales & Café in San Jose, CA | The South Bay's Original Artisan Ale / Craft Beer Destination
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The South Bay’s Original Artisan / Craft Beer Destination

Beer and the brewing process is a fine art. Brewers are sometimes extremists, sometimes subtle, but all of them make craft beers with distinct personalities, which often reflect their own passions. Our focus is the excitement of sharing every beer we curate.

Building relationships with brewers over the last nine years has led to incredible opportunities in sharing occasional, and often very rare works from these ‘artists’.

We focus on beers that brewers hang their hats on as well as beers that will never see another brew due to the fleeting nature of a recipe. Our relationship with the craft beer community is what has set our uniquely curated tap list aside from most, and thus brings a very unique experience to you, our guests.

The end result is a list that’s different, intriguing, and constantly evolving, like art in nature.

Our selection is strongly American with influences and ales mainly from Belgium, but European by nature. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be enjoying and exploring craft beer, and it is incredibly important for you to be challenged, satisfied and feel the value from a higher beer drinking experience.

As a promise, we will never stop exploring, and sharing all that excites our palate. That’s our mission.

Tap List


Food plays so many parts in our life. It sustains, excites, frightens, inspires…it brings us to the table, creates dialogue, forges relationships and binds memories like a literary masterpiece. As carefully crafted words make great poetry, we are thusly devoted to the ingredients and approach that make our dishes resonate with the palette.

Working closely with independent organic farmers and other purveyors of artisan ingredients, we go the distance in offering incredible food to our community. We don’t stop with delicious, we’re about making every plate count and the value of our guest’s experience. Every time you leave our table, our goal is that you feel nourished, respected, revitalized and inspired to bring that energy to the next part of your afternoon or evening. Let’s eat!



your own plate from the Options below
1 item – 6.75   •   2 items – 9.50   •   3 items – 11.50

served with brown rice or substitute quinoa for 1.00  /  takeout + 0.25


Organic Kale Salad (gf)
local curly green kale tossed in a house made ginger turmeric dressing with red bell peppers, almonds, and cranberries


Sweet Karma Salad (gf/sf)
red and green cabbage, shredded carrots, red onion, homemade basil-cilantro seasonal vinaigrette


Arugula Beet Salad (sf)
organic arugula, roasted beets, red bell peppers, seasonal herbs and roasted pepitas dressed with a creamy beet-balsamic vinaigrette


Chili Verde
cumin roasted veggie protein simmered in a house made roasted tomatillo-jalapeño verde sauce with lime, cilantro and green onions


Yellow Thai Curry (gf/sf)
potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and seasonal veggies tossed with rich coconut cream & madras curry


Chana Masala (gf/sf)
organic chickpeas, tomatoes and carrots slow cooked with a dense set of herbs and spices


Dal (gf/sf)
indian-spiced red lentils stewed with tomatoes and coconut cream


Jamaican Jerk
local tofu, veggie cutlets, and roasted potatoes smothered in spicy caribbean jerk seasonings with carrots, mixed bell peppers and green onions


Spicy Basil Tofu (gf)
local tofu cooked in a homemade sweet and savory Hoisin sauce with basil, carrots and green bell pepper


one entrée wrapped in a wheat tortilla with our Sweet Karma Salad, black beans, brown rice, & chipotle ranch  8.50

A La Carté

Kimchi Bowl (gf/sf)
house made kimchi and spicy ginger-sesame yuba strips served over brown rice 6.95


Kale Bowl (gf/sf)
bed of seasonal kale topped with black beans & quinoa, dressed w/ cilantro lime tahini  6.25


Quesadilla (sf)
Daiya cheese melted in a flour tortilla with fresh onion cilantro mix. Served with your choice of: chipotle ranch or cilantro lime tahini   6.95


veggie protein drumsticks simmered in our sweet and savory sauce  1.50ea


Buddha Bun
rice flour bun (Bao) stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, tofu, cabbage, jicama, peas, and carrots. Served with our house sweet savory sauce  3.75ea


Pulled ‘Pork’ Street Tacos (gf)
jackfruit slow cooked in our house made southern barbecue sauce topped with black beans and sweet karma salad. Served with chipotle ranch and cilantro lime tahini  7.50 (2 tacos)


Pickle Jar
seasonal vegetables pickled in house 4.50


*Soup & Salad
soup of the day with choice of organic kale, sweet karma, or arugula beet salad 6.50


*Solo Soup or Solo Salad
soup of the day or choice of organic kale, sweet karma, or arugula beet salad 4.50ea


* soup subject to seasonal availability

*menu items, ingredients, and pricing subject to change without notice.
all ingredients used in our dishes are plant based.


Mon – Fri  11am – 10pm  •  Sun  12pm – 8pm